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Are you looking for beautifully constructed, secure and strong wooden fencing in Poole? Having been members of the Fencing Contractors Association for over 20 years, we’ve built a solid reputation for supplying and constructing some of the best wooden fencing Poole has to offer. If it’s quality you’re after, call Sharman Fencing today on 01929 472181 to arrange your free quotation.

Why Are We The Number One Choice For Poole Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing is particularly apt for rural and agricultural areas because it provides a subtle boundary which doesn’t detract from the natural landscape. With many natural areas around Poole, including farms and protected areas, it is important that the right wooden fencing in Poole is used in accordance with purpose. At Sharman Fencing, we are experts at constructing three different wooden fencing structures and are more than happy to advise on the best fencing for you. Read on to find out more about our wooden fencing in Poole.

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What Different Wooden Fencing Poole Can We Supply And Construct?

Whether you’re looking to provide the public with a soft warning to stay on the path or enclose your animals in a secure pen, we have the right fence for you. We can design a fence to suit your needs and use the exact measurements to make sure the fence is the right height and the right length. Find out more below:

Post and rail fencing

From lining pathways to providing boundaries to parks, post and rail fencing is a common feature around rural areas of Dorset. Post and rail fencing is available in a range of finishes include different wood colour, texture, shape and the size of the gaps between the rails. From smart to rustic, there really are no boundaries when it comes to designing and building post and rail Poole wooden fencing. You can even use post and rail fencing to enclose livestock if wire mesh is stapled into the gaps

Stock fencing

If you’re looking for the perfect wooden fencing in Poole to cordon off your livestock, we can provide stock fencing that can be adapted to suit a range of animals. We can recommend the best height and strength for the animal in question, and have a range of meshes available with gaps of various sizes. We can even add additional features such as barbed wire to deter people from climbing over the fence into your private land.

Deer fencing

For those looking to deter deer from eating their crops, deer fencing is a lightweight, tall fence that naturally blends in with the rural landscape. Although lightweight, we can install various different meshes which can vary from extra strong and quite bold to light and subtle depending on your needs. Deer fencing is also great to deter boundaries and zones in parklands and is one of the best types of wooden fencing Poole has to offer.


As part of our Poole wooden fencing service, we can also recommend and install the best gates to suit your fencing. From wooden access gates to secure lockable metal gates, we are sure to have the right one for you. For additional security, and as a deterrent for unwanted animal visitors, we can supply and erect electric fences for farms.

What Happens When You Choose Sharman Fencing?

When you contact us regarding your wooden fencing in Poole, a helpful member of the team will be on hand to advise you on the best solution for you, should you not know what you’re looking for. With a range of wood, post sizes and meshes on hand, we can build a fencing system bespoke to you and for the purpose for which you need it.

Once we know the materials for your wooden fencing Poole, we can measure the area in question, and assess how much groundwork is required to ensure your new fence will be stable and last for years. We will then have all the necessary information to provide you with a free, competitive quotation to complete the job.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

With over 38 years in the trade, there’s nothing we don’t know about Poole wooden fencing. We train all of our fencers to a high standard, so they’re extremely knowledgeable and qualified not just in constructing, but also installing your wooden fencing in Poole too.

We are accredited by and members of a variety of different associations which exist to measure the standard of fencing. To be members, we have to consistently erect superior quality fences which have been constructed using strict standards of practice, which means we have an unbeatable reputation for installing the best wooden fencing Poole has to offer.

When you choose Sharman Fencing for your Poole wooden fencing you can benefit from:

  • Products manufactured to your requirements
  • Prompt service with advice when you need it
  • A fully qualified team all Construction Skills Certificate Scheme approved
  • On site repairs service

We aren’t just experts in Poole wooden fencing, we also masters of metal and have helped many businesses by providing secure commercial and industrial fencing with many different security features.

If you would like to see some of our previous projects including our wooden fencing in Poole, check out our online gallery.

You can also see examples of our previous work on our online portfolio.

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