Are you looking for the best fencing in Poole for your property?

Are you looking for the best fencing in Poole for your property? Then look no further than Sharman Fencing – a family run company with more than 38 years of industry experience providing the highest quality fencing solutions across the South of England. Call us today on 01929 472 181 to discuss your requirements.

Our best fencing Poole services

Regardless of whether you require agricultural, commercial or industrial fencing, Sharman Fencing has had experience with it before. We have established ourselves as the provider of the best fencing in Poole for a variety of different projects and purposes. As well as manufacturing top quality fencing that is specific to our customers’ requirements, we also carry out maintenance work and onsite repairs where necessary.

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Agricultural Fencing

Our best fencing in Poole products for agricultural purposes are of the highest quality and endorsed by local councils. At Sharman Fencing, we are committed to ensuring the safety of anyone who may be affected by our work while we’re carrying it out. You can rest assured knowing that we adhere to all health and safety standards and the security of your employees will not be compromised in any way.

One of the most versatile agricultural fencing systems is post and rail fencing. This option offers an effective perimeter mark without the obtrusiveness of screen fencing. It’s the ideal choice where an area needs to be defined as it does not obstruct the view. Post and rail best fencing Poole is especially popular in grazing areas that are roadside and where wire netting has already been added.

Wooden and mesh fencing in field

We can also supply stock fencing which is widely used on farms in order to fence cattle, pigs, and sheep. This system will consist of struts, strainers, timber posts, and stock netting (C8/80/15). Additionally, we are now able to provide deer fencing using standard techniques as well as electric stock fencing as we are GPSD trained to fit large electric energisers.

At Sharman Fencing, we also offer a variety wooden and specialist access gates. One option will allow access for pedestrians and wheelchairs while the other one provides easy access for horses and other animals. This system will allow the main gate to be secured which will stop unauthorised vehicles from gaining access to your property.

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Commercial Fencing

The best fencing in Poole to deter intruders would be steel palisade fencing. Another option would be mesh fencing – a versatile choice that can be used as a general purpose fence for schools all the way up to a high security application suitable for MOD sites. This commercial fencing option allows for modifications such as rotor spikes and barbed wire. This system comes in a wide variety of colours to suit any aesthetic requirements your may have for your best fencing in Poole project.

Industrial Fencing

Sharman Fencing has carried out the supply and installation of numerous industrial fencing systems over the years and we have many regular clients within the security sector who would tell you that we provide the best fencing in Poole for these purposes.

The most traditional industrial fencing option would be the chain link – a genuine multipurpose system that is woven from steel wire. A number of different finishes, mesh sizes, and gauges are available to suit any requirement. This option is most recommended for gardens, playing fields, recreational grounds, children’s playgrounds, and tennis courts.

Steel palisade fencing will be your best bet for deterring vandalism and other crime. It is specifically designed to provide a strong barrier that is rigid, strong, and formidable. Pales are available in a variety of heights and constructed from hot and cold rolled steel. Matching gates are also available through Sharman Fencing – get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke made to order design.

Please consult the list of products below to see exactly what Sharman Fencing can offer for your security project:

  • Barbed wire
  • Bow top fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Chestnut post and pale
  • Garden fencing (close board or close panels wooden or slotted concrete posts)
  • Mesh panel systems
  • Palisade fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Stock fence
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If the fencing system you were thinking about is not on the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. No project is too big or small for Sharman Fencing and we will be happy to try and work with you towards a suitable solution.

Reasons to choose Sharman Fencing for your Poole best fencing

Sharman Fencing is a family operated business with decades of valuable experience. We have established ourselves as the provider of the best fencing in Poole as well as servicing the surrounding areas including Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wilshire. Even if you’re based further away, we encourage you to get in touch with us to see if we can figure out a solution.

Here at Sharman Fencing, we only hire trained professionals to carry out our best fencing Poole work. Each team member carries a valid CSCS card and has received all of the necessary qualifications. Sharman Fencing is also a member of Construction Line, the Fencing Contractors Association, and the European Fencing Industry Association.

To see some images of our previous successful projects, have a look through our online portfolio. You can keep up to date on what’s new in Poole best fencing by following our blog or checking out our website.


Our opening times are 7:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday – you can call us between those hours on 01929 472 181. You can send your Poole best fencing enquiry via e-mail to info@sharmanfencing.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out the form on our website – a team member will get back to you shortly to answer any questions.