Security is an important component in protecting your school grounds, It’s a responsibility you can’t ignore. Choosing the correct commercial fencing is vital to the safety of your existing establishment and those that inhabit it. After all, can you afford to expose so much technology and equipment on your premises, which may lay empty for up to 6 weeks? There are some solutions that will be more suitable to your needs than others. But which do you choose? Steel palisade fencing is a sound option, not only to keep your school site safe during but outside of term time.

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The amount of fencing you need will be dictated to by the perimeter of your site. This could mean a little or a lot, depending on the size of your institute. Sharman Fencing will supply at a cost effective rate for security fencing for schools, so you can ensure large areas can be covered that don’t equal large outlays. In fact, cost matches durability in all instances. With superior engineered strength, due to its steel pale profile, this product resists near any attempt of damage. This reduces the necessity for maintenance costs. All attempts of bending, ramming or dislocation are minimal once installed.


Structure consists of vertical pales that are fastened to horizontal support rails. These are then attached to steel fence posts. This ensures all structures will perform for a considerable amount of time. Fence pales are also able to follow the profile of any terrain, which eradicates any chance of over sized gaps that are able to be breached. The materials smooth surface and triple or single point sharp pale head fence add additional resistance. The addition of barbed tape is also an option for high risk sites.


Although these steel pales are foreboding to the most determined intruder there aesthetics should be suitable for a school environment. This material can be coloured to reflect a bright, happy and motivational space using a polyester powder coated finish. This finish is far more resistant that other conventional paint finishes.

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