Do you need the strongest security fence Poole offers? Choose Sharman Fencing as we have several decades of experience in providing security fences and gates in Poole and the surrounding areas. Security fences will act as a deterrent and guards against intruders.


Every property is unique and the fencing required will depend very much on the level of security you need to provide for your property. At Sharman Fencing, we have a large stock of security fences that are ready to be installed in many properties today. For properties that require a high level of security, we recommend that you install a range of different security fences for your Poole property for maximum efficiency.

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Our company supplies the following types of fencing such as:

      • Metal vertical bar security fencing
      • Steel/metal railings
      • Steel palisade fencing
      • Metal mesh security panels
      • Sports fencing
      • Custom playground and school fencing
      • Security toppings and fence spikes
      • Barbed wire/razor wire

Our company also manufactures palisade fencing using hot and cold pressed steel techniques and this is one of the most popular fences to protect against vandalism or crime, as it does not damage easily. We also manufacture security gates to meet customer specifications for a variety of industrial and business sites. We also provide commercialagricultural and industrial fencing.

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There are a variety of different crimes against business and residential properties in the modern world, the threats of computer data theft or identify frauds are just as real as burglaries or vandalism. Schools, childcare facilities, nurseries and other public buildings need to protect children, babies, toddlers, the elderly and some of the most vulnerable people in the community and fitting secure fencing can be the perfect solution for access control.

Companies and warehouse units containing valuable goods and equipment need to minimise the risks of access by persons with malicious intentions, and property owners want to reduce burglary risks to their belongings.

Many people find fitting security fencing is not only a deterrent, but also adds a boundary line. There are a variety of different forms of security fencing, some of which will add necessary secure features while also providing the overall pleasing aesthetic required for landscaping purposes.


With a plethora of companies offering a security fence in Poole service, it can be for you the customer to decide what company to choose. To make your decision a little bit easier, we have listed reasons why you should choose our company below:

40 years experience

Specialists in fencing and security gates

Highly-trained staff with CSCS cards

Largest stock of fences


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