Do you work within the education industry in Dorset? Would you like to make sure that all of the children who attend your school are completely safe while they are on the school premises? Do it with our Sharman Fencing school fencing and gates in Dorset. Our fencing and gates mean that no unauthorised people will be able to enter your grounds.

School Gates and Fencing in Dorset

Ensuring that the children who attend local Dorset schools are totally safe is of the utmost importance. In this day and age, you can never be too careful with stranger danger. You can’t always keep an eye on children when they are at school. By installing fencing on the site grounds, you can be sure they are safe even when you can’t see them, like when they are playing sports or walking between classrooms.

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Our Fencing Services

At Sharman Fencing, we have several different types of fencing available for you to choose to be installed on your school site. Each of the fencing types that we supply has benefits that make them ideal to install in a Dorset school, and we will create made-to-measure gates that will match your chosen fencing too.

Our most popular fencing and gates in Dorset for schools is our mesh fencing. Mesh fencing is available in many different colours, making it more visually appealing than the bog-standard boring grey fencing seen on industrial sites.

Wooden fencing for schools

Fencing doesn’t have to look dull or even operate as a practical feature. Our team have created fun and exciting fencing for primary schools that shows the children spatial boundaries of the playgrounds. To achieve thisk, we made some oversized and brightly coloured pencil-shaped fencing, which you can see images of in our portfolio.

Pencil fencing

More Information About Sharman Fencing

Sharman Fencing has been established as the best school fencing and gates in Dorset supplier since our launch over 30 years ago. Our company has been part of the Fencing Contractors Association for the last 20 years, and we are also associated with Construction Line and a credited partner to Gallagher Europe. Additionally, all of our employees are full CSCS gold standard card holders and GPSD trained.

All of the fencing and gates in Dorset that our team create are made to your site specifications. We will document thorough measurements of the area that you want fencing to be installed in, to ensure that your fencing will fit perfectly. We have the ability to personalise your fencing with extra security features like adding rotor spikes and razor barbs to the tops of your fencing in the colour of the fencing if you so wish.

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When you need school fencing and gates in Dorset, make sure you employ the best company around to do the job and choose Sharman Fencing.

Speak to a member of our team on 01929 472181 and we can begin the process of making sure your school is 100% safe from trespassers being able to enter, through the installation of our fencing and gates in Dorset.