Are you searching for a professional Poole commercial fencing company? If so, look no further than Sharman Fencing – the name that signifies quality and professionalism. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided customers across the Dorset area with high-quality fencing solutions. With options to suit all budgets, we’ll have precisely what you need in stock. To find out more, call us today on 01929 472181.

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Visit any commercial property, and you’ll notice immediately that the majority are protected by some form of fencing or another. Fencing serves more than just the purpose of defining a property’s boundary. It also keeps out unwanted and unauthorised individuals while providing security and privacy for those within. If you’re in the market for a new fence, you’ll want to contact a reputable Poole commercial fencing company like Sharman Fencing.

At Sharman Fencing, we fabricate and install a wide range of fencing options to facilitate the requirements of a variety of commercial clients. Whether you own a small store selling produce or a large commercial warehouse, we’ll ensure that we supply you with the appropriate commercial fencing in Poole.

Fencing is an essential investment for any business. Not only will it prevent acts of vandalism and theft, but it will also keep members of the public safe. This is vital if large moving vehicles and other potentially hazardous equipment are present. So, if your site needs new fencing installed, waste no time in contacting our team today.

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Here at Sharman Fencing, we supply options that include steel palisade, mesh, and chainlink. Perhaps you’re searching for a high-security option. Or maybe you require a low-security option that won’t spoil the aesthetics of the environs. Whatever you need, we have you covered with top-notch commercial fencing, Poole customers can always rely on.

Our steel palisade option is designed to offer maximum security and is fabricated to be both tough and hard-wearing. It will deter even the most determined of intruders as it’s constructed using hot and cold rolled steel. Pales can be fabricated in “D” or “W” profiles with a choice of tops, variety of heights, and matching gates available.

Our Poole commercial fencing company also supplies mesh fencing, which is a moderate-level security option, available in a range of colours and heights. Popular with educational institutions, this option also comes in high-security variants commonly found on MOD sites. These variants often come with rotor spikes and razor barb.

Chainlink fencing is a great low-security option that will deter all but the most determined of intruders. It’s ideal for keeping out trespassers and opportunists and is a great choice for small business owners. This option comes in a range of heights and gauges, is galvanised, and comes in either green or black. This is one of the most common types of commercial fencing in Poole.

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Whatever option you choose, rest assured that our team will see to it that the correct length of fencing or number of pales is supplied. We’ll measure the area to be covered, fabricate the fencing to your specifications, supply and install it – all for a highly competitive price. Our service even includes ground preparation, laying foundations sturdy enough to keep your fence from toppling, even in the most turbulent of weather conditions.

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If you’re considering who to call, bear in mind that Sharman Fencing is a Poole commercial fencing company with more than 40 years’ experience to call on. We’re also a team that’s fully CSCS approved to the ‘Gold Standard’. There are several other reasons why you should call us, which include:

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As the best choice for commercial fencing, Poole customers can take advantage of our onsite welding expertise. We’re here for the complete life-cycle of your fence. We offer the most competitive rates around as well as the sort of peace of mind you get from dealing with professionals.


So, if you’re searching for a reputable Poole commercial fencing company, give Sharman Fencing a call now on 01929 472181.