Here at Sharman Fencing Ltd we see a fence as more than just panels; we see them as protection. From what is your own interpretation. Our fencing suppliers have the knowledge they need to advise our customers on the most suitable fencing materials for their property, whether it be a domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural environment, we can help. With over 20 years experience, we guarantee that our customers will always get what they require, and for a great competitive price. Call our experts today on 01929 472181


Different premises will require different fencing materials, but the installation will always meet the high standards that we set. No matter the property, Sharman Fencing Ltd can supply fencing to meet any customers’ specification. Whether you are a home owner or run a large business, the perimeter should be secure, so your family or staff and visitors can feel safe within your property.

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When you come to Sharman Fencing Ltd requesting any of our fencing services, we will always make sure that we get an accurate understanding of your requirements to ensure that we can provide the best fencing for you. No matter your property shape or size, we can supply fencing that will meet your specification. Once you have found your desired fencing, we can install the new panels on site and test the installation to make sure that the fences are held correctly in order to stand for many years. We aim to always provide our customers with the most efficient services, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Our domestic fencing suppliers

Everyone should feel safe in their own homes, and the right fencing will ensure that your property is gives you this sense of security – after all, you wouldn’t have a house without a sturdy door. Our homes are our pride, and our suppliers of domestic fencing are here to help you find the perfect fence for your property, to keep your children and pets in, and unwanted guests out. Our aim to provide ever customer with the best fencing; and the materials we use are designed to last for many years and resist all types of weather. We can provide fencing materials such as chain link and chestnut pale fencing for your domestic property.

Our commercial fencing suppliers

For small or local businesses, your property needs to be kept secure at all times. Companies have to comply with regulations to ensure that their premises meet the set standards. At Sharman Fencing Ltd our commercial fencing suppliers can help any business find the best fencing for their property. If you own a commercial property, we can fit a fence of your choice and recommend the best materials, so your fence will last for many years. With any fencing, we can carry out repairs if you find a fault, whether the fence was supplied by us or not. The most popular of our commercial fencing materials are steel palisade, mesh panel and chain link.

Green metal fencing

Our industrial fencing suppliers

Industrial properties will always need extra security measures to ensure that their property and every aspect of their company is secure. Sharman Fencing Ltd offer security fencing systems and added extras such as barbed wire, to keep your property protected. The fencing we supply includes:

  • Palisade fencing
  • Mesh panels system
  • Security fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Chestnut pale fencing
  • Barbed wire
  • Stock fence
  • Bow top fencing

No matter the size of your industrial property, our suppliers are able to provide your fencing, and as many panels are you need. If you just need more fencing added to existing fencing, we can find the closest match and install your new fencing; and inspect the original panels for any damaging that might need repairs. Our services are designed to give you maximum benefit from all your fencing.

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With over 20 years experience, Sharman Fencing Ltd is a company that understands exactly what customers want. Our fencing suppliers can help customers with any request and we will always go the extra mile to find our customers the fencing that meets all of their requirements. As we work around our customers, we always provide high customer satisfaction and are pleased that so many of our customers are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

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