If you’re looking for a company that supplies and installs high-quality fencing in Dorset, then you have come to the right place. Specialising in providing both wooden and metal fences to suit a range of purposes, if you own a commercial, industrial or agricultural business, you are one phone call away from your perfect fence. Get in touch with Sharman Fencing today on 01929 472181.

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Over the last 20 years, we have used a combination of both quality materials and superior levels of workmanship to provide commercialindustrial and agricultural businesses with the best fencing Dorset has to offer. Our fencers are masters in both wood and metal, and can create bespoke fencing that meets your requirements.

When you call Sharman Fencing regarding your Dorset fencing, you can be certain that you will receive solid advice based on the specifications that you have outlined.  From the height of your fence right through to the additional extras, our fencers will use the following elements to supply the best fencing in Dorset.

        • Steel palisade
        • Mesh
        • Chain link
        • Stock fence
        • Barbed wire
        • Security fencing


Providing both security and property boundary lines, there’s no denying that fencing is a necessity for all types of business. Whether you need wooden fencing to supply a soft deterrent for passers-by or metal fencing in Dorset to provide a strong barrier to prevent potential criminals from tress-passing, you can rely on Sharman Fencing to deliver the best service.
When it comes to both metal and wooden Dorset fencing, we’re sure to have the right style to suit you; in the past, we’ve even created pencil-shaped fencing for schools. All the materials that we use are high-quality and manufactured to last so read on to find out more about the different fencing in Dorset that we can supply.

Commercial and Industrial Fencing

From steel palisade to chain-link, when it comes to commercial and industrial fencing Dorset, you’ll find it impossible to find a better supplier and installer elsewhere.  All structures by Sharman Fencing are strong, durable and made to last.

silver metal gate and fencing

Palisade fencing

Having supplied palisade Dorset fencing to various commercial and industrial establishments including the council and the MOD, our structures have a reputation for providing years of trouble-free service. Palisade fencing is constructed using thick strands of unyielding metal which in itself can be enough of a deterrent to stop people from accessing your property. At Sharman Fencing, we can also integrate barbed wire and other security features to give you further peace of mind.

Mesh and chain link

While more subtle than palisade fencing in Dorset, mesh and chain link structures still provide a strong barrier against any intruders and are the perfect option if you’re looking to warden off an area, such as a football pitch or a play park.

As we’ve already mentioned, we can supply fencing Dorset to suit a variety of needs. Chain and mesh fencing is available in a range of colours and can be manufactured to meet different degrees of severity. Many parks choose a low-level chain link fence, while other establishments may choose a concrete pillar and barbed wire combination to ensure people don’t try and trespass on their property.

Agricultural fencing

We supply a lot of Dorset fencing to local farms, where wooden post and rail proves the most popular design; agricultural fencing is generally more subtle so as to blend in with the natural landscape. Most farmers opt to have simple post and rail fencing to outline the boundary of their farm however, with additional mesh, it is the perfect choice for animal keeping.

Your fencing in Dorset can be cut to a bespoke height, and we can add different meshes depending on the kind of animal that you’re looking to keep.

If you’re looking to keep your animal in but want to keep predators out, we are also fully certified to install electric fencing Dorset. Electric fencing can be used in combination with your post and rail fencing so your animals don’t receive a shock while the intruder receives a mild, yet deterring zap.

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How do we deliver the best fencing service?

At Sharman Fencing, we provide our customers with a start to finish service which is designed to ensure that our customers feel looked after every step of the way; from the moment you first approach us regarding some initial advice, through to carrying out any maintenance on your Dorset fencing in the future.

When you get in touch, you will be able to speak with an expert, who will understand your requirements and advise you on the best fencing in Dorset for you. To provide you with an accurate quote, a member of the team will come and survey the perimeter of the site.

The price will include removing the old fence (if there is one), preparing the ground (such as post holes), the material used and the work hours involved to install high-quality fencing Dorset. All the quotes that we supply are competitive, and we promise you won’t find better value for money elsewhere.

Once we know the specifications of your Dorset fencing, we’ll be able to manufacture posts to the correct heights and get hold of the required additional features such as mesh or barbed wire which can be cut on site.

We have a step by step method used each time we provide fencing in Dorset which has proven imperative in securing longevity. By making sure care is taken at each individual stage, we can be sure that your fence will last for many years to come.


We ensure that all of our fencers have the skills and experience to provide our clients with the very best.

All of our fencers are CSCS qualified, and have gone through rigorous health and safety training to ensure that they can complete each stage of our step by step process in the safest possible way. We also possess public liability insurance which means we can legally carry out all the services that we have mentioned.

When you choose Sharman Fencing for your fencing in Dorset, you can benefit from:

        • Bespoke fencing manufactured to your requirements
        • Prompt service and professional advice
        • Qualified fencers certified to CSCS gold standard
        • Onsite repairs


If you’re looking for a company to manufacture and supply bespoke fencing in Dorset, contact us today.