Fencing in Bournemouth

Are you upgrading your outdoor space? Do you want fencing in order to secure and define your boundary? If so, you will require the services of a premier fencing company such as Sharman Fencing. To find out more about our available fencing in Bournemouth, please call us today on 01929 472181.

Bournemouth Fencing to Suit All Requirements

There are many reasons as to why you would want to have fencing installed, and these vary depending on the type of customer you are and your property type. Here at Sharman Fencing, we are a fencing contractor who can help you regardless of your requirements. We are able to manufacture fencing Bournemouth clients can rely on for commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications.

You can find out more about our fencing options by reading below. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team on 01929 472181 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and advise you further.

Commercial Fencing in Bournemouth

Deciding which fencing type is right for your commercial property can be daunting, but our team are here to offer advice. We will discuss your specifications in detail and, from there, determine which fence is appropriate for your property. Our fencing options for commercial properties include Steel Palisade, Mesh, and Chainlink.

Steel Palisade is a great fence for security systems and is designed to deter intruders from your property. Chainlink fencing, Bournemouth clients, comes in a variety of heights and gauges and is galvanised.

Mesh fencing is available in a variety of different colours and heights, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing than other commercial fences. It is often favoured by schools and colleges, but can also be utilised for high security applications. Additional security, such as rotor spikes and razor barb can be added.

Industrial Fencing Services

Here at Sharman Fencing, we are experienced within the industrial fencing sector, carrying out the supply and installation of fencing systems. From lower security applications through to medium security and higher security systems, we can do it all. We can provide you with Chainlink, Steel Palisade, and more, with all fence types available with matching security gates.

Traditional Chainlink is a multipurpose system, woven from steel wire and available in a variety of gauges, mesh sizes, and finishes. This is recommended for use in children’s playgrounds, playing fields, recreational grounds, tennis courts, and general security.

Steel Palisade fencing in Bournemouth is ideal for any security application. It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to deter crime and vandalism as it is designed to provide a formidable barrier, strength, and rigidity.

Other fencing products available to our industrial clients include:

  • Mesh Panel Systems
  • Chestnut Post and Pale
  • Barbed Wire
  • Stockfence
  • Bow Top Fencing

Industrial Fencing Services

Bournemouth, fencing from our team can also be utilised for agricultural purposes. We offer Post and Rail fencing, Stock fencing, Electric Stock fencing, and Access Gates. Timber Post and Rail fencing is one of the more versatile options as it offers an effective perimeter mark without the obtrusive and overpowering effect of screen fencing.

Stock fencing is a widely used system on farms to fence in sheep, pigs, and cattle. It consists of timber posts, struts, and strainers along with C8:80:15 stock netting. At Sharman Fencing, we offer a variety of wooden and specialist access gates for agricultural clients.

While one allows for easy wheelchair and pedestrian access, the other allows easy access for horses and other animals. This allows the main gate to be secured, stopping unauthorised vehicles from gaining access.

We are proud to say that we are now in a position as Gallagher recognised installers to advise and erect electrical fencing systems for farms and stables. Additionally, we are GPSD trained to fit large electric energisers.

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Why choose Us For Your Fencing in Bournemouth?

When it comes to having new fencing installed, you want to be sure you hire the premier team in the industry – Sharman Fencing. We are able to manufacture, supply, and install fencing and gates across a range of sectors. All gates and fencing, Bournemouth clients, will be bespoke to your specifications and budget.

For the past 20 years, we have been members of the Fencing Contractors Association. We believe this is a testament to our outstanding services and commitment to customer service excellence. As a professional and reputable company, all out employees are CSCS qualified, first aid trained, and carry qualifications for working in the petrochemical industry. All of this provides complete peace of mind when hiring us for fencing in Bournemouth.

At Sharman Fencing, we guarantee our customers the most competitive prices in the industry. We are not happy until you, the client, are 100% satisfied with our work and the results. With customer service that is second to none, you’ll be hard pressed to find another Bournemouth fencing company to match us.

Our technicians will take you through every stage of the process. If you have any questions throughout the project, we are more than happy to answer. Our aim is to ensure that every client enjoys complete peace of mind with our fencing in Bournemouth.


For further information regarding fencing in Bournemouth, please contact us today on 01929 472181. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@sharmanfencing.co.uk or fill out our online form and we will respond as soon as possible.