If you’re in the Dorset area and in need of fencing for your property, contact Sharman Fencing Ltd today. We cover a wide range of metal fences, from high end security to small domestic fences. Contact our fencing specialists today on 0192 947 2181 to find out more.


Here at Sharman Fencing Ltd we specialise in fencing for all properties and all of our customers needs. Ranging commercialindustrialagricultural and domestic fencing, we have everything you need for the perfect fencing. We provide a wide range of metal fences designed to protect your property, while keeping the look you want.

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We like to make sure that our customers in Dorset get the best quality service, so we like to:

  • Manufacture products to always meet your requirements
  • Give professional advice where needed
  • Guarantee that all of our employers are CSCS approved to Gold Standard
  • Carry out on site repairs
  • Work closely with our customers to make sure we meet their specification


Our aim

No matter what property you have, Sharman Fencing Ltd has the right metal fencing for you. Whether you want to make a more secure perimeter, to look more professional or to protect your environment, we can help. We have a wide range of fences and we can provide extra security around your property to give our customers a greater sense of security. Our aim is to satisfy every customers needs, and create the right fencing for them. If our customers are ever unsure about their choice, all teams members can give expert advice, to make sure that you get the best fence fit for purpose.

The designing

Metal fencing is great for all properties. It can be designed to suit a family home or a large industry, and we can add extras to create a more personal fencing to you. Our fences can be designed to match what you want from your metal fencing and we guarantee that all of our fences are made with the finest materials but will always stay at an affordable cost.

Types of properties

As we have been trading for many decades, we understand which Dorset metal fencing panels are best suited for certain types of properties, and we know what security measures need to be in place for large commercial and industrial properties.

Every kind of property can have fencing. We are able to recommend the best fencing to suit your needs. Our experience in metal fencing in Dorset has allowed us to gain knowledge about not only the area but we are able to find the best solution to all of your fencing needs.

Metal fencing in poole

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No job too big or too small

We promise that for all of your Dorset metal fencing needs, our team is willing and able to complete them to the most outstanding quality. All of our fences are installed to a sustainable level, so our customers do not have to be concerned about replacing them for many years. We also offer repairs to any fences, even those that are not our own.


If you’re interested in any metal fencing in Dorset then please contact Sharman Fencing Ltd. We have such a strong reputation within and around Dorset and we are more than happy to help with any of your fencing requirements. Call us today on 0192 947 2181 email us at or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page.