Inadequate, broken or old fencing around your property means only one thing for intruders: easy access. This could have disastrous consequences for you and your business in Wimborne. So whether you need a strong fence for security, privacy or aesthetic purposes, by choosing Sharman Fencing you will receive a fence at a competitive price. Call 01929 472181 to discuss the best commercial fencing Wimborne has to offer.

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  • Improved security
  • Physical and visual deterrent
  • Gives your property a more professional appearance
  • Contain pets effectively-great if you have security dogs
  • Low maintenance and are sturdy in bad weather


Steel Palisade Fencing
Steel palisade fencing is one of the strongest and most effective fences on the market today. The imposing fencing can be used to cover large areas of land. We have a variety of these fences to suit the individual security requirements of our customers. The fencing is also resistant against heavy impacting attacks.

Mesh Panel Fencing
If you want a fence that is both secure and visually appealing, mesh panel fencing is for you. It comes in a variety of different colours for the customer want to add a touch of colour to their premises. It is also resistant to a high degree of impact and vandalism. It can also act as a great anti-climbing deterrent.

Chainlink Fencing
This is a popular low-cost fencing option that is very easy to install. The fence is made from galvanized steel or LLDPE coated steel wire. It offers our customers a fencing option that is safe and allows for maximum visibility. It has also been shown to be useful in containing guard dogs in the premises.

Chain Link Fence Poole

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Sharman Fencing Ltd. has over 40 years of experience in the fencing industry. We are a family run company who are dedicated to providing high quality and secure security fences for your commercial needs.


So for the best commercial fencing at great prices please contact us on 01929 472181 or email us at: discuss the best commercial fencing Wimborne has to offer.