Is your commercial property secured from intruders? If you have you answered no, then you will need Sharman Fencing as we are in the top commercial fencing companies Dorset has to offer. With 20 years of experience and a huge fencing stock, Sharman Fencing will assure that your property is secured.

Out Of All The Dorset Commercial Fencing Companies

At Sharman Fencing, we have established a reputation for being one of the best commercial fencing companies in Dorset. Every commercial property will require fencing to ensure that your property is secure from intruders and burglars. Quality fencing constructed from strong materials will act as a useful deterrent and prevent burglaries and robberies.

As we provide the best selection out of all the commercial fencing companies in Dorset, we are dedicated to improving the safety of your property and meeting your requirements. Our team can construct the following types of commercial fences:

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Chainlink fencing

Chainlink fencing is one of the most secure fences available for properties and commercial land. Great for protecting leisure courts and play parks, when it comes to choosing a chainlink fence, you need one of the best commercial fencing companies Dorset to rely on.

Sharman Fencing is your number one choice for chainlink fencing, customising all chainlink fencing to your needs. Our chainlink fences are available in different heights and gauges. Galvanised metal is used in every chainlink fence; we supply this fence type in green or black.

Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is a strong fence that can be adapted to suit your property’s needs. The fence is suitable for educational use, high-security buildings and commercial properties. As one of the finest commercial fencing companies Dorset has to offer, we care about your piece of mind.

So if you require more security, we can add razor barbs and rotor spikes to your mesh fencing. As one of best commercial fencing companies Dorset, we will tailor every fence to meet your requirements

Steel palisade fencing

Steal palisade fencing is the strongest deterrent against criminals as it’s made from thick steel bars welded closely together. Steel palisade fencing is an investment that you will not regret as it is very secure and will discourage any intruders from entering your property. As the leading commercial fencing companies in Dorset, we will tailor all fencing to your requirements.

Why Should You Choose Sharman Fencing

With a wealth of commercial fencing companies in Dorset, you will probably be unsure how to differentiate between the companies. To help make your decision that little bit easier, we have listed some of the great reasons why you should choose Sharman Fencing as your choice for commercial fencing companies Dorset:

Fencing Contractors Association (FCA) members

The FCA has been helping organisations achieve all of their fencing needs since the Second World War. We feel passionate about performing as one of the best Dorset commercial fencing companies and are proud to be members of the association.

Over 20 years of experience

When it comes to commercial fencing, it’s not only the materials that need to be secure. With 20 years’ experience as one of many commercial fencing companies Dorset has to offer, with age comes quality, and our commercial fences are a fine example. The older our fences get, the more you recognise that as we’re the best out of all the Dorset commercial fencing companies for quality.

Every team member is CSCS qualified

CSCS is a regulatory body that ensures that tradesmen hold the necessary qualifications for their industry. You can only be awarded an CSCS card if you pass their test. Every team member at Sharman Fencing has been trained to industry standard, which means they have passed all the tests that the CSCS board has set. With that in mind, you can be sure that out of all the commercial fencing companies in Dorset, Sharman Fencing really takes their employees seriously.

First-aid trained

It is vital that all our workers are first-aid trained. Working in a Dorset commercial fencing companies environment, we need to ensure that it’s not just our staff who are protected, but members of the public too.

silver metal gate and fencing

Benefits For Choosing Sharman Fencing as Your Number One Commercial Fencing Companies Dorset

We want to make sure you know the level of service that you are going to receive by selecting Sharman Fencing as your number one choice out of all the Dorset commercial fencing companies. When you decide to call us, you will receive:

  • Products manufactured to your requirements
  • Prompt service
  • Professional advice
  • Approved tradesmen
  • On site repairs

Our technicians will make sure you’re involved every step of the way, making sure you’re aware of each process, the time scales and that you’re happy that the service you’re receiving is worthy of one of the best Dorset commercial fencing companies.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

At Sharman Fencing, we like to give a package that no other commercial fencing companies Dorset can offer. In addition to our fencing, we also supply and manufacture security gates that can be made to measure and tailored to your unique specification.

View previous examples of our fencing services in our portfolio to see why we are the number one amongst commercial fencing companies in Dorset.


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