Are you looking to hire the services of the number one local fencing company? Then contact Sharman Fencing today for the best fencing in Dorset. For years, we’ve been supplying customers with bespoke fencing setups, leaving us well-placed to facilitate all manner of specifications. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or agricultural landowner; we’re here to help. Call us today on 01929 472181.

The Best Fencing Dorset Has to Offer

No property should be complete without a sturdy, well-built fence, and here at Sharman Fencing, that’s precisely what we offer. We supply only the best fencing in Dorset with every installation customised to the customer’s specification. Perhaps you’re looking to erect a garden fence, secure your place of business, or protect an area of natural interest.

Whatever the case may be, rest assured that our Dorset fencing specialists have what it takes to design a fence that’s right for your needs and budget. From high-security options to natural options that blend seamlessly with the surroundings; just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Only the Best Fencing in Dorset from Sharman Fencing

The process for getting started couldn’t be simpler – just give us a call, and we’ll arrange a time to come pay your property a visit. Upon arrival, we’ll take measurements, determine if any groundworks are required, and assess your setup. When inquiring about the best fencing, Dorset customers can expect advice and suggestions tailored to their circumstances.


If all you require is a garden fence, then we have you covered. A garden fence is an excellent way of providing you with much-needed privacy. It can also serve as an artificial wind barrier and even help to create areas of shade – useful if your garden sees a lot of sunlight. And with a great number of options available, choosing a fence to match your garden couldn’t be easier.


Commercial fencing is necessary for maintaining site security. It keeps out prying eyes as well as intruders, such as thieves and vandals. Often, insurance policies necessitate that fencing is erected to prevent the policy from being voided. For commercial options, expect the best fencing in Dorset, from low-security chainlink to high-security steel palisade fencing.


Industrial sites are often strewn with hazards, from large moving vehicles to dangerous equipment and machinery. Some sites even store hazardous materials, chemicals, etc. So, it’s vital that members of the public be denied unsupervised access, and this is where industrial fencing comes in. Our Dorset fencing company supply a range of industrial options complete with features including:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Rotor Spikes
  • Secure Access Gates
  • And More!

Agricultural Fencing

Whether you’re looking to keep livestock in or keep out wild species, there’s an agricultural fence to match. Perhaps you’re looking to protect an area of outstanding natural beauty from destructive species, such as deer. Or maybe you’re looking to keep predators away from animals such as chicken and sheep. At Sharman Fencing, we supply the best fencing in Dorset for said purposes.

We carry a range of stock fencing options as well as deer fencing, and post and rail fencing. We can also install access gates and are certified to install electric fencing and large energisers too. No wonder we’re considered by many to be the go-to company for agricultural fencing.


Choose Our Dorset Fencing Experts

At Sharman Fencing, we know the importance of good quality fencing, which is why we only stock, supply, and install the best fencing in Dorset. Why is it the best? Because all our fencing is built to specification and constructed using premium-quality materials by our skilled and fully certified team. Once erected, one of our fences will stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

As well as installing the best fencing Dorset has to offer, we can also perform onsite repairs and welding work too. So, if any issues should arise, you can count on us to get everything put right. Prompt service and professional advice will always be given, and as we’re CSCS accredited, you can count on us to remain diligent when it comes to health and safety.

Whatever your circumstances, make Sharman Fencing your first port of call. You won’t be left disappointed by our impressive service and our fantastically competitive prices.

You can see examples of our previous work on our online portfolio.

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