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Premier Agricultural Fencers

When it comes to having fencing installed on your agricultural property, you need to ensure the product is tailored to the specific requirements. Fencing that is readily used on commercial properties will be unsuitable for properties such as farms, so it’s essential you reach out to agricultural fencers. Here at Sharman Fencing Ltd, we have years of experience in installing this type of fencing.

There are a range of products we provide within the sector of agricultural fencing, including:

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Post and Rail Fencing

As contractors for agricultural fencing, we can erect post and rail fencing on your property. This is one of the more versatile fencing systems as it offers effective perimeter marking, but isn’t obtrusive and overpowering like screen fencing can be. As such, this is ideal for areas that need to be defined without obstructing the view.

Additionally, it is highly popular for use around areas for grazing animals. When you choose this product, you will find it is also available in a variety of styles.

Stock Fencing

Consisting of timber posts, struts and strainers, and C8:80:15 stock netting, this is widely used on farms to fence in sheep, pigs, and cattle.

Electric Stock Fencing

As Gallagher recognised installers, we are in a position to advise and erect this style of agricultural fencing. This electrical fencing system is ideal for use on farms and stables. We are GPSD trained to fit large electric energisers, so you can have complete peace of mind when hiring us.

Access Gates

As agricultural fencers, we are also able to install a variety of wooden and specialist access gates. Wooden gates allow easy access for horses and other animals, while specialist gates allows easy wheelchair and pedestrian access. Installing access gates also allows your property to be secured, stopping unauthorised vehicles from gaining access.

Electric Stock Fencing in Dorset

Why Choose Sharman Fencing Ltd for All Your Agricultural Fencing Needs?

When it comes to choosing a company to install fencing for agricultural properties, it’s important to hire an experienced company. Well, here at Sharman Fencing Ltd, we have been established for 38 years and members of the Fencing Contractors Association for the past 20. As such, we provide unrivalled knowledge and experience, so you’ll be hard pressed to find agricultural fencers better than us.

We are able to manufacture, supply, and install fencing and gates in-line with your specific requirements and within budget. Plus, we can also carry out on-site repairs and welding, ensuring you get the most out of your fencing and gates. Whatever your requirements for agricultural fencing, we can handle, meaning you don’t need to look elsewhere.

All of our employees are CSCS qualified, first aid trained, and many also carry qualifications for working in the petrochemical industry. Health and safety is of the utmost importance to us as a company, so we ensure we only hire fully qualified professionals. When you employ us as contractors for agricultural fencing, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

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